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ONEder Transition Curriculum

ONEder Transition Curriculum

Do you ever wonder why we still use pencil and paper to deliver transition content? Students use technology, and they’re preparing for a world that requires technology skills. So, shouldn’t their learning be technology-based? ONEder Academy, the nation’s leading blended curriculum suite, was designed to meet the needs of today’s student.

ONEder has been changing lives since 2011. Now, we’re bringing teachers everywhere our new Transition Curriculum! Drawn from research by major organizations including The University of Oklahoma, The National Technical Assistance Center on Transition, and more. ONEder’s Transition Curriculum focuses on the 8 essential steps to a successful post-school life!

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ONEder Academy

ONEder Academy’s first-class, online content not only empowers students, it also supports their learning with a range of accommodations, all of which are tied to Universal Design for Learning principles. ONEder Academy makes the flexible, blended implementation of life-changing curriculum easy!

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