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Three Thrilling Get Up and Move Strategies

June can be a difficult month for classroom instruction, so why not make if fun! Check out these three strategies—they’re so engaging your students won’t even realize that they are learning to work collaboratively!! 


    1. The Alphabet Game
      Using large letters displayed on the floor, get your students to spell out summer items, phrases, or family outings. Get as creative as you can! For example: beach, ocean, amusement park, vacation, fair, hot dogs, ice cream.  You can differentiate based on a number of factors, such as grade, instructional level, geographic locations etc.
    2. Minefield
      Using colored paper with a variety of different images, get your students to coach/guide their peers through a maze without hitting a mine (X). Click here to see an example using colored circles. This is a team building activity; if you have a large class you can have students starting at opposite corners and have 2 groups go at once. If you do not have colored circles, laminated pieces of construction paper or paper with different images will also work.
    3. Hula Hut Team Building
      Students will see the value of redoing activities at the same time collaborating with their peers. Watch this short video clip to view how to play the game Hula Hut! Have fun and be creative!!


We encourage you to take these strategies and make them your own, but if you’re struggling for ideas, we’ve put together a lessons to show you how you could use each strategy/game! Just go to the ONEder library and download the lesson called “Three Thrilling Get Up and Move Strategies.”


Want to win ONEder’s summer basket? It’s full of summer fun and a Kindle! All you have to do is send us three thrilling Get Up and Move strategies of your own! Extra points for sending us videos of your students enjoying the fun! Send your entries to by July 20, 2018 and our ONEderful team of educators will pick the winner on July 24, 2018. We can’t wait to see your great strategies!

Keep your eyes peeled for more contests over the summer! We’ve got some great things coming your way!!


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