Get A Jump Start On The New School Year With ONEder!


Before the new school year begins, don’t forget to check out ONEder’s Back to School unit, which contains a variety of lessons to get your students off to a great start this school year!

Targeting social communication, executive functioning skills, leisure time, behavioral skills and more, our Back to School unit will support your students in transitioning to the new school year. Lessons include:

• Preparing for the first day of school
• Getting to know my school
• Meeting new people and making friends
• Recess time

All of these great lessons can be accessed through ONEder’s library, and will be available for all of your students! You can always customize each lesson with your own personalized visuals to meet your student’s unique needs, and share these lessons with your colleagues within the school, district, agency and the public.

Wishing you all a great start to the school year!

The ONEder Team

Oneder lessons are available for free to all Oneder users. You can access all the functional lessons in our Shared Library by clicking here!

Maximize Your Students’ Potential With Oneder

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To download lessons from the shared library:
1. Click on the Shared Library tab on the left side of the screen in the Oneder Editor
2. Locate the desired lesson
3. Click ‘Download’ for desired lesson
4. The lesson will appear under your lessons in the teacher dashboard. From here it can be edited, assigned to students, and published.

To learn more about Oneder, sign up for a demo here!

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