What’s New With Oneder

We’re excited to announce that this month we’re releasing an update to Oneder that enhances your experience and makes the use of Oneder in your classroom and district simpler and more meaningful.

In the past, we’ve offered users a variety of dashboards and data available at the student level. But collecting and analyzing data is also important for Oneder users across classrooms and districts.

With the update, teachers will not only be able to continue making informed decisions on their individual students, they can also create classes within the system to view classroom-wide progress towards academic and functional goals.

District and school stakeholders will also be able to generate meaningful reports that provide insights to how schools, grades and classes are preforming toward IEP goals, state standards and functional goals.

To enhance lessons with seamless data collection, we’re releasing a new academic application that can be used for both Math and ELA lessons. The application includes the ability to create multiple choice questions, true/false and fill in the blank type questions. With each answer, Oneder automatically collects data so educators can monitor student engagement with the lesson with ease.

Lastly, you’ll no longer need to recreate the same activity type over and over again because we’ve added the ability to copy/paste any lesson or activity into another lesson or domain area. Lesson and activity creation becomes easier than ever!

To learn more about the update, please visit our website at www.oneder.com. As always, continue to share your feedback with us!

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