Kitchen Appliances, Morning Routine & Data Tracking


We are excited to share the newest content added to the TeachMate365 and AutisMate365 community library. Each scene and or support can be downloaded separately and later customized to support the needs of your learner or student.

TeachMate365 includes in-app data tracking with automatic graphing your student’s IEP goals. TeachMate365’s data tracking tool can be accessed from within the application and can be tracked simultaneously with instruction and response.

Although data tracking is not a feature of AutisMate365, AutisMate365 users can also access the new content and target the same goals outlined below without the data-tracking feature.

Watch a short video on how to the basics of data tracking. TeachMate365 Data Tracking Video Overview

1. Kitchen Appliances
Who is it for: Intermediate Learner

Targeted Goals:
• Student will receptively identity 10 kitchen appliances by tapping on the correct picture when verbally asked to “find ____”, by the instructor.
• Student will learn the functions of major kitchen appliances, as evidenced by selecting the appropriate appliance in a choice board once hearing the function.

To Differentiate:
• For beginner learners: Focus on 5 appliances to receptively identify and pre-teach functions of appliances through editing auditory output on choice boards.
• For advanced learners: Fade all outlined hotspots to invisible voice hotspots as needed. Incorporate additional function concepts by expanding choice boards to include kitchen utensils and other abstract kitchen appliances.

 Maximize Your Students’ Potential With TeachMate365

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2. Morning Routine at School
Who is it for: Beginner learners

Targeted Goals:
• Student will complete the morning routine at school using a visual schedule within 10 minutes.
• Student will select a lunch choice when prompted with 6 options on a choice board, each morning when he/she arrives at school.

To Differentiate:
• For intermediate learners: Incorporate additional steps to lengthen morning routine to include ordering lunch and allow the student to independently navigate the schedule.
• For advanced learners: Incorporate more general schedule and choice boards for the student to initiate conversation with peers during appropriate times in the morning.

To get started tracking these student goals in TeachMate365, log into the online portal using your TeachMate365 username and password. Add a new goal, and simply copy and paste the goal into the description and add a relevant goal name. Make sure you have checked off the ‘track’ button associated with each goal and save your changes.

Access the step-by-step visual aide to set up data tracking: TeachMate365 Data Tracking User Guide

To import from the community library:
1. Navigate to the community library
2. Tap on the scene you want to import
3. Tap on the import button

Your scene is now located in My Library under My Downloaded Supports

Add the scene to your desktop:
1. Enter edit mode
2. Tap on the green plus sign to add scene
3. Add scene from My Library
4. Select the scene you want to add
5. Tap import Your scene is now imported to your current location.

 Maximize Your Students’ Potential With TeachMate365

Interested in learning how TeachMate365 can benefit you and your students? Click the Learn More button below and we’ll be in touch!

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