How to Support Your Child on the Fourth of July

Fourth of July Celebration

July 4th is the day Americans celebrate and express their patriotism with barbecues, fireworks, and family gatherings. While some children are happy to partake in the festivities, it can be a day of unpredictability, sensory overload, and anxiety for children with special needs.

As a parent, you can support your child on the Fourth of July by being proactive, anticipating these uneasy feelings and preparing materials to be used before and during your celebration. We’ve created a comprehensive visual scene that you can easily import into your child’s AutisMate365 profile to explain what they can expect throughout the day. The Fourth of July scene includes several visual tools to positively support your child, including choice boards to express their wants and needs, calming tools to ease anxiety, visual schedules for play activities, and a grid display for communication.

This Fourth of July scene is available in the AutisMate365 Community Library for you to download for free! You can easily personalize the scene for your child based on your family’s event and plans for the holiday.

We hope you enjoy your July 4th holiday!

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