5 Summer Activities to Engage Your Child with Special Needs

5 Summer Activities for Children With Special Needs

Summer break has long been enjoyed by children of all ages! It’s a time to relax and recharge before the new school year approaches. This break is a great time to reinforce skills your child learned throughout the year and generalize them to various environments and activities. Engage your child with special needs with the activities listed below, while continuing to support their learning outside of the classroom!

  1. Create exploration bins (Tupperware containers) filled with rice, pasta and water and fill with different fidgets and toys. Play a game of describing the toys and have your child look for them in the bin. Target verbs by having you child act out ‘pour, scoop, splash, play, swim’ with a toy in the bin. This is also a great way to introduce and discuss different textures and sensory items.
  1. Put together a driveway carnival with chalk, hula-hoops, basketball, bubbles, jump rope, bowling, bean bag toss and water toys. Invite some of your child’s classmates or neighborhood kids over to enjoy the fun! This is a perfect time to practice social skills, requesting and appropriate play in an interactive environment.
  1. A scavenger hunt is an easy activity to set up using toys and material from around your house. Adding riddles and inferences to the list of items will help support higher level thinking and problem solving skills.
  1. Making food together is a fantastic activity to do throughout the summer. Whether it’s individual pizzas or fruit kabobs, use this opportunity to target receptive and expressive ID, requesting and following directions.
  1. Take pictures throughout your summer break and help your child make a scrap book to show their classmates when they return to school in the fall. Have your child recall what is happening in each picture and add three specific pieces of information.

Do you have any suggestions for fun summer activities?  Leave a comment and we may include it in our next blog post!

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