Video Model Schedules Support Skill Acquisition and Generalization

visual schedules assist with generalization and skill acquisition

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite features of AutisMate365– video model schedules! Video model schedules are visual schedules that allow you break down a sequenced task into its isolated parts and embed a video within each step.

If it sounds impressive, it is! If it sounds difficult, it IS NOT!

In AutisMate365, video pop-ups can be embedded within specific steps of a visual schedule. The video trimming tool within AutisMate365 makes it easy to trim videos so that more complex tasks can be broken down into their individual components. Utilizing the video model schedule provides a multifaceted approach to learning by combining text, real images, and videos to support skill acquisition and generalization.

Some benefits of using video model schedules:

  • Support chaining and shaping
  • Quicker skill acquisition
  • Promote generalization
  • Maintain skills at a mastery level

 How to create a video model schedule using AutisMate365:

  1. Using the video feature of the iPad, film the skill you are working on, in its entirety.
  2. In AutisMate365, go into edit mode by clicking the small pencil on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then click the large pencil icon at the bottom left and choose “add a hotspot”.
  3. Select “schedule hotspot” and choose your representation of choice for the hotspot.
  4. “Choose” create a user schedule.
  5. Add an image into the schedule, and then click the image to add a video from user library.
  6. Choose your video, then trim the video to the specific step you want to insert by using the yellow rectangle arrows.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the entire task has been broken down into smaller, more manageable steps within your schedule.

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