Welcome to the New SpecialNeedsWare Blog

Hi everyone! Our team at SpecialNeedsWare is very excited to announce the kickoff of our blog!

We’ve created this blog to provide tips and tools to help you get the most out of our platforms; to share company updates and events; to get invaluable insight and feedback from you – our partners; and to bring together passionate educators, professionals, and family members from the special needs community. We view this blog as an open forum and encourage you to feel free to leave comments, make suggestions, and request topics for future posts.

We look forward to further connecting the members of our dedicated community and hearing from each of you. As always, thank you for everything you do.

The SpecialNeedsWare Team

P.S. Stay Tuned! Our next first two posts will share some insight and enthusiasm on our newly released virtual language game – PuddingStone – that was developed in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital!

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