Melissa and daighters

To Tell or Not to Tell

Every August, my kids get excited about going back to school. Don’t get me wrong, as a parent of four children, I’m thrilled when back-to-school time approaches! However, one part of this time of year makes me anxious. That is, trying to decide whether to tell my daughter’s teacher that she has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

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Keep the Change Webinar – Coming September 15th

We’re excited to announce our latest webinar!

The webinar will be based on Rachel Israel’s award-winning film Keep the Change, and hosted by MaryBeth Morrison and Jamie Lupia from Penn State.

Participants will be granted access to a free trial in ONEder and will be able to access or develop lesson plans using clips and topics from Rachel Israel’s film, to teach communication skills, social skills, and self-advocacy skills to students and clients with disabilities.

To register for the webinar, which will be hosted on September 15th click here

Check out the trailer for Keep the Change below:


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tech illo

CTE: Making a Difference in Post-School Lives

It’s no secret that taking career and technical education (CTE) classes can make a difference in the lives of students at both the secondary and post-secondary level. Offering students hands-on experience in any field, from construction to information technology, can give students a greater understanding of the purpose of their education, and in turn motivate them to graduate and even pursue higher education–93% of students who took CTE classes graduate high school nation-wide compared with 80% of regular students. Further, graduates with technical or applied science associate degrees may even out-earn bachelor’s degree holders by as much as $11,000 per year. But are these same benefits born out for students with disabilities?


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yoocan founder

Yoocan Do It!

With the right supports, anyone can meet their potential!

ONEder recently had the opportunity to interview Moshe Gaon, a founder of Yoocan: the global collaborative community for sharing experiences and knowledge by and for people with disabilities. Yoocan’s mission is to make sure that people in the disability community don’t feel alone. “… No matter where you are, you will be able to find a story, a tip, a recommendation, a connection that can improve your life and actually help you do more,” says Moshe. (more…)

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Student Teacher Illustration

Mastery and Blended Learning: A Teacher’s Perspective

I lagged behind at school. It was excruciating; teachers would single me out to solve problems that I knew everyone but me could solve. I later asked myself: if the teacher knew I couldn’t solve the problem, why did they put me on the spot? Why wasn’t the time devoted to practice and mastery? When did math become a public demonstration that a student passes or fails? Why did I have to sit through lessons that I wasn’t ready to learn? (more…)

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How Technology Has Had a Positive Impact in the Classroom

By Chigozie Nnodim

According to a 2014 Pew Research Study, 58% of American adults have a smartphone, 32% own an e-reader, and 42% own a tablet; people are adapting to new and emerging forms of technology, and the use of technology has become such a big part of the world we live in that many jobs that traditionally did not require the use of technology are now incorporating it. As Kevin C. Costley stated in his essay, The Positive Effects of Technology on Teaching and Student Learning, “We are an evolving technological society and in many ways have become dependent on its use. Thus, the use of technology, and teaching students… to use it, has become a high priority in… public schools.”


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