Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and ONEder

Instead of asking the learner to adapt to the information presented to them, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) presents information in ways that adapt to the learner. For students with learning and attention issues, UDL provides them with more than one way to interact with material. Now some people may ask, “isn’t UDL just for students with disabilities?”. The answer is “no”; all students can benefit from the supports that UDL provides. (more…)

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Music Education Keeps the Beat with Interactive Instruction

Music Is Personal, Education Should Be Too

by Jason Gross

If you’re a teacher, you know that education can be as personal as music; that by creating a ‘playlist’ of activities and lessons tailored to each student’s individual needs, you enhance their learning experience, and leave them better equipped for success. As educators (and administrators) get more comfortable with edtech tools like ONEder, the process of creating a personalized learning experience for students is becoming both easier and faster. However, we all still have much to learn in this area. ONEder spoke with educators at some of the nation’s top music programs to get their advice on how we can make our classrooms as dynamic as their music programs.


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Social and Emotional Learning

By Jason Gross

When it comes to education, most people think that curriculum generally covers reading, writing and arithmetic; failing to recognize that it can cover more than just the fundamentals of academic learning. Consider the holistic program known as social and emotional learning (SEL), which teaches students valuable interpersonal skills and helps them to gain a better understanding of their feelings. (more…)

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